Woodland Paws Monthly

June 2017

Here Comes The Sun

by admin
I write this from my jarmies today as we all got well and truly soaked, it has rained all day, which meant when we got home into dry jarmies and kettle on :) BUT! We have seen a glimpse of summer over the past few weeks. For a few days it was even hot :) Which is great for us but not for the dogs. Your dogs' safety and happiness is our first priority, we try our best to take the dogs to woodland streams, the sea and places where they can stay a bit cooler but unfortunately some days it's just too hot, if we think it's too hot or the dogs are struggling, walks will be cut short in order to keep them happy, we may also rearrange walks to earlier in the day so we are not walking in the midday sun.(...)


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Ticks... Not my favourite topic of conversation and as I write this my skin is crawling....but if it means that we can avoid them it's worth telling you. As the weather warms up, these little critters manage to find their way into the long grasses that the dogs LOVE to run through, the bracken and heather on our Woodland escapes and onto other little critters we occasionally stumble across. We love to take your dogs on exciting adventures but Tick season is upon us and there is only one way to prevent your dog picking up ticks whilst we're out and that is by applying a tick repellent. So please let us keep these beasties off the dogs, out the van and especially off me :P(...) Continue


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Woodland Paws Welcomes new member of the team Paul who joins us along with his furry sidekick Skye -the Border Collie. Not only is Paul dog mad (which means he will definitely fit in) he is also an avid Pet, more specifically, dog photographer. Every week Paul has kindly agreed to share his fantastic photos of some of the dogs he has been photographing so be on the look out for some fabulous shots of your(...) Continue

Welcome Becks

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Say Hi to Becks who is joining the Woodland Paws team.... another crazy dog lady.... uhoh :) Not only is she a fellow crazy dog lady, Becks has lots of papers to confirm that :) A behaviourist and trainer, Becks also has her own dog training business which you can find here.(...) Continue

We appreciate your feedback

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We know that your dogs love coming out to play because we see how happy they are when they're out with us and we forget the time as we sit by the river or have a extra run around the fields. Those who don't know us yet can't see that though so we would love to hear your feedback and share it with potential new friends. So if you have a sec and you haven't already done(...) Continue