Pop In Visits

So you want to book your holiday but first you need to arrange care for your pets or you’re not going., Pop in visits are available for all animals from Cats to Small Furries, and we’ll even check on your reptiles or fish too…
Imagine your pets could stay in the comfort of their own home without having the stress of going into catteries and other boarding centres. Wouldn’t that be ideal? No manic visits to the vets because they need their jabs or worming, no stressing about how you’re going to get Tommy into his carrier. They can stay at home and snooze away their days.

  • From 20 minutes to 1 hour
  • Range of animal care
  • All pets welcomed
20 Minute visit – £8
2 x 20min visits – £14
3 x 20min visits – £20


Pop in visits are an ideal cost effective home care option for your pets whilst you are away without the hassle of catterys and other boarding premises. Prices are charged per visit rather than per animal and include a range of care from cuddles and feeding to cleaning out hutches or litter trays. 

We aim to work to your usual routine the best that we can with morning and evening visits. 

Collecting the post, putting out bins and making the house look lived in whilst you are away come included, just ask if this is something you would like us to do.

Outdoor pets like chickens and ducks will be fed, given fresh water, and if they would like a cuddle they can have that too, any eggs will be collected, and enclosures can be cleaned out but will be charged at the hourly rate of £14

All visits on bank holidays will be charged at 1½ times usual rate


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