Day Care

So you think your dog could benefit from ‘day care’? You’ve had a look around but unsure as to whether it’s something your dog would enjoy?
What about ‘day care with a difference’?
Does your dog enjoy going out for a walk? Do they love running around and exploring new places when you go away? Given the opportunity to walk and run and explore all day do you think they’d say yes? Go on… ask them…
If they said ‘yes’ then day care with a difference is for them, and you too of course, because you want to know that they are having a fantastic day out every time they’re with us and a happy dog who’s ready for their bed when they get home don’t you?
A Typical Day
  • Pick up from home
  • Travel to our adventure spot
  • Spend around 2 hours exploring
  • Break for refreshments
  • Explore and Play a little more
  • Washed and dried, enjoy an afternoon snack
  • Drop off home in time for tea


Why Woodland Paws
  • Space limited to 4 dogs
  • Lots of 1-to-1 interaction
  • Stimulating walks
  • Days are spent in the fresh outdoors
  • New locations and adventures every day
  • Time for a snooze if needed
  • Live Tracking
  • Photo Updates




Bella 2

Conner 2


£30.00 + £20.00 per additional dog from the same house


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Woodland Paws offer Day Care Monday – Friday

Dogs attending day care will need to complete a trial walk before joining us on the day care. Allowing us to assess whether the day care with a difference is suited to your dog.

Each dog will be lead walked until good recall has been achieved, and with signed permission of the owner.

Day Care services are offered in all weather conditions providing that we can get to your home and safely walk your dog. No dogs will be walked if conditions are deemed unsafe.

In the interests of all our dogs and fellow owners we ask that all dogs are up to date with parasite treatment.

Payments are to be made monthly, with households +6miles incurring 40p charge per additional mile.